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I've put together a short timeline of events near Yakusk...heres how they are playing out:


We have a falling craft, blinking over the area.

We have a crash landing.

We have a Russian coverup shortly thereafter.

We have MEOWing over Russia Airspace after the incident, and pilots are known on several occasions to spot or hear from a UFO.




This time, fresh out of McCaffery's DOONA SERIES.


Not only are the LION/CAT people HERE, they have crash landed and are looking for survivors, as happened at A51 near the time of my disappearance.(or birth if you look at it differently)



Hedgehog or not, thats a pic of me and Lord Wolf elsewhere. Thats what we do. And its Just like Lord Serena to write about us like McCaffery does.


Russia better handle this situation DELICATELY. THESE are ALLIES, these Sekhmet and Sirian-like folk.

meows from space

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GOT MEOW? Russia does...



Sekhmet and possibly Christine's crew are up there..I dont hear it on the video(looks like a re-release from months ago) but claims from Russia recently after the Meteor claim MEOW-ing or similar interrupting ATC chats between tower and pilots.


ATC data indicating 1971 and 0000 as no flight beacon recieved. Look at how fast it moves! About 30 miles up or so and doing this.


Where's a UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR when you need one..and not that we do, because WE HERE KNOW LOVE's language...and the first thing I'd do after something like that METEOR is make sure everyone down there is ok.


ET is here folks...oddly enuf, just as I've and others have mentioned.


Lets see how well we get a responce over the bands. I cant use the SW freq I had before, maybe next month, this time I have a scanner too.. lets see how things evolve..


Still reporting red,white , and blue fast blinkers over CORAM,NY. DO NOT appear to be aircraft. Spotted near sunset.



snippits of info

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Maybe its just me. I have difficulty with the details. Dont get me wrong, I can quote you the details of the inside hull of one or more of these ships without question and be dead on accurate but I cant seem to channell even the basic data thru.




We seem to be on the right page.

Were talking about the right things...


The ACIO refered to seems like the InterWorld council(maybe Im on the Alliance Terran channel for some reason?) and the meetings I remember having. But they were smaller in discussion with open voting, IIRC.


..or is the speaker refering to a crew-wide broadcast like the NAVY has before disembarkation post drunken hayday disaster last inport period?(DUMB Drunken USN Sailors...when will they ever learn?)


'Magic kingdons and requirements' sounds to me like ETHERICAL lifeforms and such...like Chaos stones, theres nothing here like one. [Like Quartz with energy so vibrant it physically creates from mere thought...]


"We are doing an Akashic Records Review by bringing the Truth to the Citizens of Earth who are the Only Ones Who Have The Power To Change It." -this one concerns me. Does this mean we are the only ones to change our fate? If so, I have a Stargate to find...dunno about you.


The TEN MILLION part comes with the 30 acres Im hearing from Lord Wolf. (TO EACH)

Life was not meant to be so compact.(or wasted all at once)


The ship names dont ring a bell, but seem to be common knowledge of who is on what ship, and is fairly consistent no matter where you go.


Niburu..Prometheus...close enough. Its an Orange-y Cargo vessel with lots of transports(or warships, depending on perspective) aboard. Not the largest amount of decks, but there are enough. Serves a smedical ship and cargo transport. Ive been on this one or one like it.(and some wonder Y I look at the skies...)

news, updates and more sites

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for those keeping track:


More website to add to the list:




About Pleadians and interactive contact, real insigt into the matter, and a lot less FLUFF on the starseed thing. Not as lofty as AshtarCommand's site either. Seems non-imposing of beliefs.


Worth a visit.



And high and lofty as ideas such as kicking the Grey's out of orbit is(believe me Ive dealt worse to the DRACO..).. it is a LOFTY IDEA.


They are not done here by far.They are still taking people, and they are most annoying to most real Federation members, walk-ins or the like. MIB included.


Donald Marshall is a REAL person. Those things cant be faked. Fake a half-humanoid draco female child..that looks REAL to me. Sorry to burst bubble.


THIS is the truth.


If we dont want this, THEN TELL THEM we dont WANT THIS. ANY ET that doesnt respect your beliefs or values is NOT benevolent and WILL HARM YOU. In such a case, Id suggest getting a weapon or giving them a mental scare. The Grey drone WILL back off, they are WEAK and they dont like strong opposition.


Neither do the DRACO Mages or average DRACO workers...strong mentally as they may be.


They may have Star-Trek technology, but it doesnt mean they get the RIGHT to DOMINATE. AND taking your right to that FREEDOm back may just drop that tech in your hands. YOU NEVER KNOW.




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Similar white orbs have appeared hovering over ESSEX. Ive caught them on film.APPEARS they are back.


This one's a dark triangle.Lights approx. 50 ft apart. This aint no drone.


Been tricked by DHS/Border patrol tho, blinking UFOs (red/green) and circling helos with NVG....seriously pisses me off that anyone like that is interfering in OUR OPERATIONS and with comms between US and OUR ships.AND they are, I was nearly arrested for trying to communicate with several UFOs overhead. I had a two-way,FM transmitter and notebook on me at the time.


COPS and DHS needs to take a hike: This is ULTRA CLASSIFIED OPERATIONS. NSA will kill to protect, image how ONI/USN and ALLIANCE members feel about it...


I know Starseeds take things as if they havent happened yet, but for me this is reunite.I've flown ships. I know some of those pilots. Those crafts are not unfamiliar to me. Like I was there yesterday.


Ive witnessed just south in SAN DIEGO (PALM AVE) beaches similar  a white orb-like UFO at low altitude thru thick fog. Swore it was gonna pick me up, but it never did. Just lifted up and went away.


NONE made a peep.NO whooshing..no sound at all. I know Ive been visited. Its happened here in CORAM. Mind you a few years earlier.




rumors and wars

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It seems theres a divide as of late. I would hope to be on the right side when the worst happens. There are plenty of us focusing on the right things, on what SANDY HOOK and similar incidents SHOULD move us towards. Plenty of messages to unite us and walk in the light with love towards each other.


Source around the globe seem to indicate another war coming, a separation of European countries from the US Yanks.Too much pressure on IRANs program and nuclear war. More cold war between US and RUSSIA... we all know how the last one ended. Korea in the middle.. well they dont want war, but seem running right torwards it.They always have.


With so much devastation already, events like HURRICANE SANDY and that massive tidal wave in THAILAND, that the new movie EPITOMIZES(make me want to puke at hollywood).. These are real unignorable events.


I see a division in hope for humanity and the reality we live in. I would hope those above see it. I would hope they intervene. But I know the reality for that to happen means that we must turn away from exactly what were running towards: EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF, that HUMAN trait.


It will only destroy this planet.And we are within a 12 month window with IRAN it seems, just as we were with SADDAM HUSSEIN in IRAQ, just as we were with AFGANISTAN....


The very wars we CANNOT AFFORD and WILL NOT SUPPORT. The very civilian murders that SHOULD NEVER BE, exposed by military members on the ground.The friendly fire on US NAVAL ships, that I firsthand witnessed and interacted with. And these people perpetrating this HAVE the UPPER HAND.




I will admit a third world war has always been in the back of our minds as to when outsiders(ET) would come or interact peacefully. But it does not have to be that way.As many of you have said, WE CREATE OUR REALITY.

crime uprisings from nowhere? hmm.

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Maybe we havent 'gotten the LEAD OUT' after all..or are we shooting LEAD bullets lately? Yeah ZOMBIE and UNDEAD and VAMPIRE killers..there's a reason those BULLETS are banned, other than wayward firing.


I know how sensitive they are, I almost set off a sniper bullet a at shelter in SAN DIEGO. Dont ask me y the Marine snuck one out...thats another matter.


LEAD has many sources...PAINT from the 50s...untreated basements...improper seals...


OLD FUEL....(primarily GAS-O-LENE..)


Slashdot reports indicate violent crime upticks are linked to LEAD. YEAH, LEAD, as in that TOXIC metal.


Seems to explain a lot. I dont rememebr if that was our solution, but LEAD and toxic chemicals before birth are known to caus MENTAL ILLNESS later on in life of the child.

BAd news..

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I hate telling bad news, Id rather shooting people doing things and reporting of whats up for 18 hours straight. (THANKS CHIEF!)




2009 was the last straw. Even Moraney from Andromeda said we WOULD NOT support this type of action. And I know some of you believe me when I say I witnessed this in 2009 before I left SAN DIEGO. Because I did.


We will not support the blowing up of ANY of our ships.Matter of fact most of us spaceborn races condemn it as an act of violence.An ACT of WAR.


So close to PEACE negotiations here. SO if anyone knows who took it out, now is the time to tell.


The FBI has a NO-FORN order out on OCCUPY PROTESTERS, thanks to BOEHNER. Time to diseminate that ALL-FORN.You have RIGHT to know. FUCK the FEDS and anyone standing behind a security clearance telling you otherwise.






I dont care what world you live on.

hi seas treason

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HiC..ha ha..


Ok, fine. You missed the joke. No C Notes to spare since those treasonous dark souls called MEWBOUNRE and KENT clipped what was not theirs to take away.


Three words.


Precision. Windosports. 2007.





THose that know me already know.

repost (review? of events yet to come?)

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Maybe this is what Mike and SaLuSa are referencing? I know there are some ..(Ill put it this way. ) God gives you both good and bad.He shows you what you dont want or shouldnt be like so you can learn to avoid it. Life isnt all happy cheery. Theres always hope. The LOVE and LIGHT are there. Supposed to learn something.


ITs up to us what to make of it. SO the posting and whatnot about 'this isnt me..this doesnt belong...'. Everything BELONGS. But I suppose you meant theory or based on fact, hey we have recorded unknowns, large unknowns around the sun by NASA...ships blinking(it looks like morse from down here) in various areas..and more and more I see, a very very large group of help from above.


More and more that join this or that site, the more help I see. But you get handed some real DUZZIES and handbaskets full of muck long long before you get the goodies. People back home should know that one well. TOO WELL. Our freedom came at nearly being wiped out.


I may not know HOW or Y I am here. But I can say Commander Ashtar speaks the truth.  And I miss that TREK-like existance. Whatever is HERE is TOO BIG to pass up.


I think SANDY should be a strong enough reminder of this. There will be other storms. ITS WINTER..NEW YORK? you kidding me? Snow at least up to your knees. REPEATEDLY. ITs already averaging the 30s.


Where are we going to pack up and go to if not taken above? RAPTURE? NO, (I think, to touch on this before I go for now...)RESCUED is more like it. A moving shelter for some...home for others, transport for those going afar once more. This planet will be re-inhabited. It will be rebuilt.



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