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pleadian hedgehog?

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Just noticed something.


I was going to send the super sonic image, you know the one where Sonic turns golden..(very fitting thank you.) and I came across something.


[Yes, I said SEND. I have numerous sighting reports and am able to see more ships when I use the radio.And it seems at off-scannable frequencies as of late...NICE! Yes, the Arduino sends MORSE..Good luck picking it up with a standard radio on AM bands. Ive tried. The ZRs use SSTV or similar, that one crop circle has Tv scanlines, typical of SSTV(320x240 approximate) SOMEONE is listening, THAT is for sure. If they were hostile they would have invaded already.


But I respect Peoples wishes, Mission sensitive is just that.]


Is it SEVEN or NINE stars, The Pleades? If Im not mistaken, Pleades is SEVEN stars, right? Used to be SIX or six were visible at first?


Interesting...the distance is about right for Delta Pavonis or a far Pleades system star...interesting.



Maybe the EMERALDs werent EMERALDS at all..but star systems, planets...remembering the Golden ONE Hedgehog...who turned GOLDEN and was missed after he LEFT the sisters.


Just a thought.


I know there is a GOLDEN statue of a HEDGEHOG somewhere.





todays notes

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OSSOwl or a feed reader greatly helps. Especially for those not on the site 24/7. Between tweeting, facebook and the few sites I do visit if Im doing anything else my day is packed.


Just overwhelmed with messages and such these days it seems. Like something and it follows you forever.



So for those that work or have busier lives than me, maybe this will help. Im sure this mesage will get buried again eventually.

The Daily note

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Today holds a many in mourning. I hear 70+ countries had people in those towers...Ive heard the names read off.... .... ... .. .... seems like forever. But yeah, we need to share the Stinger missile video, the one which has the IR marker shown just before impact.


WE need to tell the truth.


Numbers dont lie. Buildings dont fall floor after floor.Its all or nothing. Chunks at a time.


TO those that dont know much about steel, Ive lived on a steel ship for over four years. Does it give, under great pressure.Does it warp, only when impacted. Does it BURN? not unless you use a gas torch to it. Paint on the other side may burn...but the steel will remain in place. Any NAVAL firefighter will tell you that. STEEL is STEEL. I dont care if its a A-brace, a K-brace, or a building brace.


Yet DC (and news media) make it look like its made from aluminum tin foil. No my friends, steel is not forgiving. Its ROCK SOLID. It doesnt move easily.


Airplanes are made from ...you guessed it AIRPLANE grade ALUMINUM. (which when superheated, will melt)


Thermite will tear thru an engine block if put on the hood of a car.



ANY more questions about 911? The flyover? I dont know.. damage estimator? Yes there was a UFO there. It whizzed by a news helochopper.


Today was a day of unification of being HU-MEN and HU-WOMEN.Of being EARTHLINGS.

But dont get me wrong. Leave a package on the subway downtown...I will find who left it.


We should be policeing ourselves. WHAT happened to neighborhood watch? Cartel got in the way? TERRORISTS(theres that IST and ISM word again) got in the way?...THIS IS AMERICA! TAKE it BACK and KEEP it that way. IF we DO NOTHING, they will take it back from us. HAVE we LEARNED NOTHING?


Today is the day to BE WHO WE ARE.


Happy Birthday

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Finally got a decent quick boot environment so I can say this officially as well as here.

I can only go with the data Im given, here. It seems like forever, even for me.



Happy Birthday Sonic.



Pistachio Jello is the best I can do on short notice.

'Broadcast depth'

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I dont want to Harp on the radio aspect, a lot of you have made it clear that telepathy is the way. And yes, wouldnt you rather understand a telepathic version of Splinter(a tall rat) than one what only whistles and clicks at you?


How many want to see the radio communications two-way with ET? With the advanced races?

Primitive, maybe, but for now this technology 'will do'. Lets us use of it what we can until we have better.


Because they do come across  Telepathically, even in the animal kingdom.Domesticated or not.

But it makes me wonder, If were being recieved, why isnt there more direct contact? Why no face to face if we ARE ready? If we are able, if we can act as the go betweens, then why the delays?


The pilots KNOW we are here. They keep taking the ships out to say hi.

I know this to be true.


Let us be the go betweens.




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Ive always wondered about the HOW with NASA.( they know, but they wont say publicly.)Glen knows but he is pretty much finished in his career. Ron and Hadfield I think either know or wont talk.Hadfield is in the training pool for now.


There is that compatibility issue with the airlock..we dont need them. We use Gravity and docking bays...i dont think NASA and the others have heard of such in space.


Yeah, think Ive asked on this one, this is the first actual response i think Ive gotten so far.



Unresolved issues? I thought those were dealt with. OK, yeah, who signed the Treaty while I was on the Sirian space station, and what was in it? Do I think its a BAD thing, no. Is there a matter of control that needs be addressed, maybe. I still havent seen the text. WHO signed it in my absence? Two worlds other than this one paved the way for us to come here, and I called one of those world home.


You know how Lord Wolf is. If not, ask the Humanoids back home.Not all of us see him as a Terran peacekeeper. Are we on the same side, it seems so. Are we working for the same goal, ENEVITABLY as you have made quite clear in recent days. The same tasks many of you set forward, lord Wolf and I directly sat down and hammered out on paper last year.


Its hard to look past an incident that nearly kills you if you know nothing about what triggered it.


WE dont blow things up...NO. And you cant harm a spirit...so what happened to me if i used what Technologies you say we have, if Ive lived a near peaceful life WAY SHOWING as Mrs.Acorn beautifully put it on my statue....what happened?


Why was I even rustled out of bed on Alpha Centauri? Do you have the answers, Mr.SaLuSa? I dont. I know these Starseeds dont. They weren't there.


YEAH...its like that.

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Steve and Wes, as Im sure things get around from here... :-)


You both bring joy to mine ears reading this..THIS..well, ok SOME of THIS..this tech Ive seen.

And if I havent worked with it all, Ive seen snapshots of similar on TV.


GENE RODDENBERRY's EARTH series shows some similar to what you describe.


The ship's AI..how do i describe an ALLIANCE like vessel, and even if it meant a higher dimensional Federation craft, HOW does one describe Intelligence equal, and in some cases beyond themselves that IS a machine?


Ive used something like this before, and let me tell you...blink of an eye folks and your doing maneuvers you can only dream of. Its THAT sensitive!


Babylon 5 has a few similar vessels shown from the 'Angelic' like races hidden in suits..


Very advanced stuff..


portables...Ive heard some things, used others myself.


Nichole, as it were in the Sonic comics...thats more than a GPS and PDA unit the Princess carries around...FAR FAR MORE. I had Nichole on my arm at one point, hardened in stone back home within a statue i asked to be my epitapth. I believe Nichole was a gift to the Princess some time ago.


makes me wonder whats in part TWO...



And maybe the Commander has something on this....knowing WHAT is there, WHO is there....

the TECH that is...those that TRUELY know ME and where Im from..OH yes, I know you. No one else would dare speak of the statue in the Great Hall after i left, let alone contact the only one who KNEW where I was...Sara knew i left, but no, not a word from her since Dreamland..


Wouldnt have thrown my career away and gone to that Sirian-like space station otherwise..

getting HERE

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Getting here:

Not so easy, someone is bouncing DNS servers from OPTIMUM ONLINE to prevent loading of this site. Be aware of this.

clifford stone and retrieval

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Again, the comments obviously disabled for a reason.


If any of you know, even , Cliff, if you will, of the 57 races discovered(and i had heard this on the radio a while back as well as read Dr.Micheal Wolf's book, "Catchers of Heaven", which describes similar accounts as yours.) do we have a definite list of race types?


And is 'Blue Hedgehog' amongst them? Ok, I think you know where Im going here, folks, some of you that have had no life....


=:-O '


YEAH, looking for proof of a relative....BECAUSE I know WEVE been here...

..and the ship design(I know some think its fake) of the vid near Vancouver...dam near a match for a sketch of a photo I drew over 10 years ago. Flat back of the ship and all. I dont think the video is fake, but i do think it is edited 'in post' somewhat.


Not to mention the flyover the LI Expressway last year about this timeframe when I walked 30 miles to get home from the VA because the busses stopped running. I was followed the entire time and greeted post sunrise by what appears to be one of the ships I helped engineer nearly 40 years ago in Centauri space, when I was amongst our space bretheren.


I dont mean to keep repeating history, but not all of you know, and Id like to know what the GOVT DOES know and are keeping secret. If you can find it, the GREATIA treaty from 54 original text would be nice.






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Ok, some comments, the page has comments disabled, so Im posting them here.



This is good info over at 2012ascention.

Thank you for the summary, done a wonderful job. Yes, I believe there will come, is coming a date when "Jesus will come", or at least the GFL, the LIGHT, the LOVe of the UNIVERSE will play a role.


Now I havent been on the Commander's website in a minute, so i cant give all the details, but it seems even the GFL(in its entireity, angels included) are a bit pissed as to why we havent taken the 'path of the light' as one sighting report puts it. The CABAL and Governments here are partially to blame...(isnt US GOVT always to blame..)


Basically, 'those left behind' as it were, are either, those causing harm, or those not awakened yet, which will have plenty of time to awaken.Thank you those upstairs for the clarification.


Need to REMAIN aware and vigilant. I caught a group today trying to mark us all off as a 'religion of false ideals'...keep filtering these FRAUDS off the internet please. Viewpoints, i dont really care what they think of us, there will always be nay sayers...but theyre doing the same to us to call us false, when we know this is of higher mind and light to promote, and help awaken others. As we know, it is THIER choice to awaken, and when. Not all it seems like this new process....and will fight to the death in words or in other means apparently to stop us.



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