Archangel Gabriel with Trance Channel Robert Baker Part 3

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Interview with Archangel Gabriel

Joel Anastasi, spiritual journalist, interviews Archangel Gabriel via trance Channel Robert Baker

The Second Coming: The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age
by Joel Dennis Anastasi
Published by The Angel News Network
Available at the Angel News Network website: 
The Second Coming website: http://gabrielsecondcoming.com/book_236.html
Amazon Books: http://amzn.com/B0073C0Z8A
iUniverse Publishing: http://bookstore.iuniverse.com/Products/SKU-000062859/The-Second-Coming....

George Gurdjieff a man with a mission

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Gurjieff - Transopedia.com

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff was an influential spiritual teacher of the early to mid-20th century who taught that most humans do not possess a unified mind-body consciousness and thus live their lives in a state of hypnotic "waking sleep", but that it is possible to transcend to a higher state of consciousness and achieve full human potential. Gurdjieff described a method attempting to do so, calling the discipline "The Work" (connoting "work on oneself") or "the Method". According to his principles and instructions, Gurdjieff's method for awakening one's consciousness unites the methods of the fakir, monk or yogi, and thus referred to it as the "Fourth Way". At one point, he described his teaching as being "esoteric Christianity".

At different times in his life, Gurdjieff formed and closed various schools around the world to teach The Work. He claimed that the teachings he brought to the West from his own experiences and early travels expressed the truth found in ancient religions and wisdom teachings relating to self-awareness in people's daily lives and humanity's place in the universe. The title of his third series of writings, Life Is Real Only Then, When 'I Am', expresses the essence  of his teachings. His complete series of books is entitled All and Everything.

Weekly Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report~May 11- May 17, 2015~Karmic Imbalances, Group Collective Consciousness & Telepathic Communication

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~~Weekly Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report

Monday May 11th, – Sunday May 17th, 2015

                Karmic Imbalances, Group Collective Consciousness &                             

Telepathic Communication

This week is an 11 Frequency week with 00 and 99 Sub-frequency influences, and 22/222 Dual and 44 Minor frequency influences.

This week Saturn, Uranus and Mercury are strongly influencing Earth’s frequencies, with all three of them adding energy to the 22/222 Dual Minor frequency.

Saturn brings us the energies of Self-discipline, and accepting our responsibility for self, as well as our part of the responsibility for the Spiritual wellbeing of the Collective Consciousness. Saturn strengthens the 44 Minor Frequency influence. A necessary energy needed for setting the limits and boundaries of a new foundation upon which we will build our next reality.

Uranus brings energies that assist us in finding and defining our individual Sacred Contractual Work and recognizing our personal potential and uniqueness. It also assists in opening a more expansive vision for the potential of Spiritual Growth for the Collective.

Mercury brings assistance with helping us to focus and sharpen our minds and intellect so we can create clear lines of communication; communication lines with our Higher Self and with each other. This is vital work if we are to begin taking the work of creating Group Collective Minds to the next level of understanding and effectiveness.

Venus is also beginning to radiate ever so subtle energy upon us in preparation for the work of reawakening and reactivating humanities telepathic communication abilities; work we will be doing in the coming months. 


The I AM Keyword phrases for 11, 00, 99, 44, 22 and 222 are:

11 – I AM Truth Illumined through Spiritual Revelation

Weekly Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report ~ 5/4 ~10/4, 2015 ~Time for Expansive Change & An Expanded Perspective

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~~This week holds a 5/11 Dual Frequency with 22 and 55 Sub-frequency influences, a 44 Minor frequency influence and a 111 Passive Potential. It is also an 11:11 Encoded Frequency week.

This week Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are strongly influencing Earth’s frequencies, with Saturn adding energy to the 11:11 Encoding, Uranus strengthening the 22 Sub-frequency and Pluto adding momentum to the 55 Sub-frequency and the 44 Minor frequency. The combined energies of Saturn and Uranus are also adding to the 111 Passive Potential.

Saturn brings us the energies of Self-discipline, and accepting our responsibility for self, as well as our part of the responsibility for the Spiritual wellbeing of the Collective Consciousness.

Uranus brings energies that assist us in finding and defining our Sacred Contractual Work and recognizing our personal potential and uniqueness. It also assists in opening a more expansive vision for the Potential of Spiritual Growth for the Collective.

Pluto brings in the energies of Transformation, Transmutation and Metamorphosis. It shows us a clearer understanding of the Constructive use of our Personal Power, and adds much in the way of the creation and expansion of the Group Collective Conscious Mind and its importance in the Spiritual Growth of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity as we move into the Multi-dimensional Realms.

The I AM Keyword phrases for the 5/ll Dual, 22, 44, 55 and 111 are:

5/11 Dual – I AM the Revelation and Expansion of Divine Knowledge brought forth through Spiritual Growth and Change

22 – I AM Spiritual Vision Building Sacred Structure

44 – I Am Structured Power & Metamorphosis

55 – I AM the Higher Self Aware of Divine Will

111 – I AM Multi-dimensional Thought Energy Set into Motion

Before moving into this week’s full frequency report I would first like to address the 11:11 Encoded Frequency.

The Magic of March 2015: Manifesting the New Dream

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by April Bender via Higher Self


Welcome to the March Equinox Gateway!


Perhaps the most wondrous of all mystical creatures, the Unicorn
is a symbol of magic, miracles, dream manifestation, purity, innocence, and enchantment. 


Unicorn - Acrylic

Created by Karry T. Hesla

Whereas previously, the December solstice brought with it a new strata of high-vibrational foundational energies for the masters to impress upon that in which they would see manifest as part of the new dream and/or experience of New Earth – the recent powerful March equinox gateway energies (eclipse and new moon) are now bringing all, the opportunity and the energies conducive to manifesting that new world dream or "imprint" into reality. This is happening through the act of co-creation and cooperation along and within the (5-7D) Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, which in many ways is still in its infancy but evolving rapidly.


Quantum Excitement: A Detailed Update on the Energies

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by April Bender (via Higher Self)
As the Solstice Fires of Ascension (crystalline energies) continue to pervade every dimensional level of existence connected to and throughout your world, much of the foundational quanta or energy particles that make up these fields of existence have over these last few weeks, become more and more excited. As a result, these quantum particles are popping, morphing and/or reconfiguring themselves into yet a new field of heightened potential and expression.
This quantum “excitement” is occurring due to the following reasons / catalysts: the rapid influx of crystalline energies now entering your world, the imprinting work of the Master's on / in this energy, ongoing individual shifts into higher or unity consciousness, the collective's overall slow but steady shift in awareness, consciousness shifts taking place in other worlds connected to yours, and the inherent programming / activations stemming from the Galactic Central Sun.


The Dweller Within the Master's Temple

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By April Bender (via Higher Self vision)

Exploring Your Crystalline Fire of Ascension

Curiously you step into the very heart of the colossal Crystalline Fire of Ascension now ablaze within your portal / field / vessel. In an instant, you are fully engulfed by its magnificent light. You allow yourself time to simply stand and bathe in its brilliance.

After a few moments of stillness, you begin to acclimate - your consciousness begins to slowly shift and expand, unfolding like the petals of a lotus flower upon the dewy dawning of a sunlit morning. You feel an inner tingling, from head to toe, as if every molecule in your body is being stimulated, gently electrified, heightened. You notice how light and how utterly carefree you feel. The dross of the physical completely melting away.

Within your awareness, you begin to sense that this multidimensional crystalline light energy, with its quantum field of possibility, is eager to reveal a secret to you, an aspect of yourself that you are not yet aware of. Its shimmering crystalline flames seemingly beckon you to sit down, to further bask and relax within the bosom of its warm embrace. Soothing and welcoming it feels, so you quickly oblige.

Entering the Master's Temple


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